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Automated trading in the cloud

No software installation required. You can now trade 24/7 on our configurable robot traders. We allocate servers for you.

Support for all major Bitcoin exchanges

All major crypto-currency exchanges are supported for both simulated and live trading

Pick your Strategies

The place where trading strategies can be bought, created and sold

How it Works

To use our services, you will have to purchase a subscription plan. You can pay in Bitcoin or in other different fiat payment options. There are 3 subscriptions, Trial, Standard and the Premium.

1. Join Up here Online by purchasing a Subcription Plan.

2. Deposit your funds safely and securely in your own trading account.
3. Auto Trade

Trading is executed on your behalf and on your chosen exchange. None of your coins are stored on our system. You are assured that your funds are safe in your own hands.

Our system communicates directly with the exchanges where your funds are being traded and you can  auto trade , or trade with automated support to have the benefits of using trail stoploss and set up sell targets.

Supported Exchanges

Binance Bitmex
Huobi OKEX

So Why Wait ?

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