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  • Biggest Bank in Venezuela Suffers 5 Day Outage After Hack Attempt21 Sep 2021 07:00Biggest Bank in Venezuela Suffers 5 Day Outage After Hack AttemptThe Bank of Venezuela, one of the biggest state banks in the country, is now experiencing an outage that has left its customers without services for five days. The bank published a PR statement stating this was the result of a “terrorist attack” on the national financial system, being perpetrated in the form of a […]
  • Fed’s Powell Scrutinized for Owning Bonds of the Same Type the Central Bank Bought During Pandemic21 Sep 2021 05:30As a number of Federal Reserve presidents have been criticized for their 2020 stock moves, Fed chairman Jerome Powell has been cast into the limelight for owning $1.5 million municipal bonds like the ones the U.S. central bank purchased in 2020 during the pandemic. All Eyes Are On Jerome Powell’s Municipal Bond Portfolio Three […]
  • Own NFT Land in ERTHA Metaverse and Generate Lifetime Revenue21 Sep 2021 05:00ERTHA metaverse is Heroes of Might and Magic game-type inspired economic and social life built on a binance smart chain to explore and investigate the world by choosing specializations and increasing the strength of your NFT and country. Ertha’s globe consists of 350,000 HEX land plots, represented as NFTs. By owning a HEX land […]
  • 60 Cryptocurrency Exchanges in South Korea to Shut Down All or Some Services This Week21 Sep 2021 03:3060 Cryptocurrency Exchanges to Shut Down All or Some Services This WeekThe deadline for cryptocurrency exchanges and wallet operators to comply with the new regulatory requirements to stay open in South Korea is this week. So far, only one crypto exchange has been licensed to continue operations. About 60 crypto exchanges are expected to either shut down or reduce services. 60 Crypto Exchanges Expected to Shut […]
  • Turkey Is ‘at War’ With Cryptocurrency, Says President Erdogan21 Sep 2021 01:30Turkey Is 'at War' With Cryptocurrency, Says President ErdoganTurkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has clarified the government’s stance on cryptocurrencies, stating that the country is at war with crypto. He emphasized that Turkey will continue with its own currency. A War and a Struggle Against Cryptocurrency Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan answered some questions from young people in the “Meeting with Youth” […]
  • Korean Province Seizes Cryptocurrencies From 1,661 Investors for Unpaid Fines20 Sep 2021 23:30Korean Province Seizes Cryptocurrencies From 1,661 Investors for Unpaid FinesA South Korean province has seized cryptocurrencies worth over $5 million from 1,661 investors who were more than $12 million in arrears on their fines in total. The seizure followed an investigation of nearly 30,000 companies and individuals as well as their cryptocurrency holdings at four exchanges. Korean Province Confiscates Cryptocurrencies for Unpaid Fines […]
  • Custodial Lightning Network Service Attack Discovered by LN ‘Newbie’ — Hacker Strikes 6 LN Custodians20 Sep 2021 21:30On September 18, a Redditor posted to the r/bitcoin forum and explained how he discovered a way to “attack [the] lightning Network’s custodial services.” The Reddit account dubbed “Reckless Satoshi” wanted to figure out if a “discrepancy between real routing fees and service’s transaction fee can be exploited for a profit.” The researcher disclosed that […]
  • Wallet Adds ERC-20 Tokens20 Sep 2021 21:00The Team is excited to announce the integration of ERC-20 tokens into the Wallet. That means anyone can now buy, sell, receive, store, trade, and send ERC-20 tokens with the convenience and security of the industry’s most user-friendly non-custodial wallet. ERC-20 Tokens? ERC-20 is the standard protocol for creating tokens on the […]
  • Evergrande Losses Sparks Fear of Looming Credit Contagion, Janet Yellen Asks to Raise US Debt Ceiling20 Sep 2021 19:00Evergrande Losses Sparks Fear of Looming Credit Contagion, Janet Yellen Asks to Raise US Debt CeilingGlobal investors have their eyes peeled on the Evergrande Group or the Evergrande Real Estate Group, China’s second-largest property developer by sales. Evergrande Group shares nosedived on Monday dropping to 11-year lows and many analysts and economists are concerned about a possible credit contagion. Credit problems with China’s real estate industry have affected global markets […]
  • Crypto Investor Sues Apple Over Malicious App That Stole Cryptocurrencies20 Sep 2021 17:00Crypto Investor Sues Apple Over Malicious App That Stole CryptocurrenciesA crypto investor has filed a class-action lawsuit against Apple Inc. after she downloaded a malicious application from the company’s App Store that led to the theft of her cryptocurrencies. Apple Sued Over Theft of Cryptocurrency Due to Malicious App Hadona Diep, a resident of the U.S. state of Maryland and a full-time cyber-security […]